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His prose is rich with evocative writing just like this, and he has many characters and settings beyond Conan that deserve a look. In this scene, Imaro has been embraced by a band of people, the Mtumwe, after rescuing a man attacked by a crocodile. They have challenged him to join their dance one evening:.

And the drumming subsided to a low background mutter as Imaro stood alone in the firelit dance space. For a long moment, the warrior remained motionless, as though gathering energy into himself. Then, without warning, he sprang so high into the air it seemed he had disappeared. Even the drumming halted as the astonished Mtumwe waited for Imaro to return to the ground.

And they wondered how he would manage to land without injuring himself. When Imaro descended, however, his feet touched the earth as lightly as those of one of the small forest cats that lived in the shadow of Chui the leopard. Now he crouched in a fighting stance: one arm extended as though he were wielding an arem; the closer to his body, in the position of a shield.

Theories of Ice and Fire (Vol.1)

He may be the single most likeable of all heroic fiction protagonists. Interested parties should start with the first volume, Imaro, and be prepared for wonders. There were five in all, although the fifth seems to have a smaller print run, for it can be hard to come by.

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The titular Bard, Felimid Mac Fal, descendant of Druids and the Tuatha de Danann, wanders the Celtic world, which is our own historical world mixed with fantasy elements. Here, from early on in the first book, is a moment when Felimid first plays his fabulous harp before a king who plots against him:. Within its curve, subtle, cardioid, were stretched golden strings like lines of light, slanting through fine holes. It summoned the powers of growth and increase.

Dogs sniffed the air in bewilderment. Then, as something crawled hairily over his hands where one held a drinking horn and the other drummed irritable fingers on the table before him, he was moved to look down. His yell of astonishment drew every eye in the hall. His beard had spread across his chest like a great flowing glacier and was now twisting, curling, writhing over the table, growing at a rate of yards each minute. When not helping run his small family farm or spending time with his amazing wife and children, Howard Andrew Jones is hunched over his laptop or notebook mumbling about flashing swords and doom-haunted towers.

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To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Buy Last Song Before Night from:. Buy The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian from:. The sequel will pick up events not long after the conclusion of Volume One. We've dropped several hints where at least some plot threads will be headed within the pages of WOA but there are many other elements that will be completely unexpected since it shifts much of the focus to a part of Asharra that the reader has yet to encounter.

There are plenty of unusual characters and exotic locales that we have not yet revealed. Naturally, that means plenty more Asharran style adventure and romance. Q: The overall tone of WOA is very positive and optimistic. This also seems to extend to the basic Asharran philosophy described in WOA. Is your own personal philosophy similar to that of the characters in WOA? That's why one of the characters says "Welcome Home" to Victor and Zoe when he meets them.

My spouse and I are non-violent, vegetarian, optimistic lovers of life. We believe in serendipitous coincidences and interconnectedness. We try to avoid conventional labels but yes, if we had to use one, we would definitely consider ourselves Asharran.

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Q: That brings us to the unusual secrecy regarding your identity and the circumstances surrounding the publishing of WOA. What can you tell us about that? A: I'd rather not comment. Q: Can you confirm that the story told in WOA is fiction? A: Our publisher says that it is on the first page. Q: But what do you say? At times, it reads like something being remembered rather than written. There are even some typos here and there, suggesting that someone was transcribing it or quickly jotting down details before they were forgotten. Is the world of Asharra, with its two suns and purple sky a real place?

A: Let's just say that the wonder of Asharra is anything you'd like it to be. If it made you smile along the way, then you were carried along by the Winds of Asharra and my path has been true.

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Thank you for the opportunity of sharing it. NOTE: We at AuthorIsland take no official position on the validity of the rumors surrounding the origin of this novel. We can say that while we were speaking to R. Leigh, we heard the most unusual music in the background, sounding like an exotic bird but unlike anything we've ever heard. There is no reason to believe that it was a dreegin, as described in the book. That's our story, and we're sticking to it. You'll have to decide for yourself by reading the Winds of Asharra by R. With U. Contact at thewindsofasharra zoominternet. Leigh is a mystery to local neighbors, appearing enigmatic and ageless, and wearing an ever present red crystal pendant. Some have guessed this author's secret other-worldly origin, speculating that the tales of Asharra might somehow be true. Outskirts Press does not confirm this and will not comment on rumors that the manuscript for this novel appeared in their offices out of nowhere.

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