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Art is about communicating. The "usefulness" of art may simply be that it evokes a human response. Design engages in a process of mediating. The designer stands between what is practical and what is evocative in order to make real something that has been imagined. Art can be designed.

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Technology can be designed. It is the special job of the designer to ask, "For whom? In the next day and a half we will look at tremendous governmental achievements and stellar philanthropic accomplishments. Each project provides us with data that was previously unknown to us. Each sets up new opportunities. Each moves us ahead to the next question, "What next?

How do we move beyond the basics of access to full social inclusion of people with disabilities? You see, inclusion is more than accessibility. Accessibility was the rallying cry of a political movement springing from the civil rights era of the 's through the 's. When buildings literally had no wheelchair-accessible entrance then even a ramp to the back door past the garbage cans in the dark was an improvement. Political self-assertion by people with disabilities led to an awareness by the disability community of interdependence.

The core value is still empowerment of the individual but the goal is to benefit ALL of society by finding solutions for the broadest number of people across the full spectrum of human abilities. Inclusion is a social ethic reflecting a globalized, networked world where freedom of movement and the full participation of all is taken for granted -- and enshrined as a right. Inclusion expands your entire market without alienating any section. It just makes good business sense.

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Accessibility looks backward. It can become an obsession with checklists. It often categorizes people with disabilities as risks to be managed or minimized. Inclusion looks forward. It sees the aging of the entire world population where, for the first time in history , old people outnumber the young. Inclusion recognizes that diversity in human capacities is the norm in the general population - and is inevitable in one's own lifecycle. Society has traditionally designated people with disabilities to sit on its edges and observe.

However, people with disabilities have found their power, spoken up, and so transformed the process by which we intentionally change things. They have changed design. The tool for changing how we make change is Universal Design or, to expose its secret even more clearly with its other names "Design for All," "Lifespan Design," or "Inclusive Design. One short definition has it as:. Universal Design is a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving performance, health, and social participation.

Human beings change things in ways no other animal does. We see patterns in the world around us and we recognize them. We invent new patterns and we impose them to make a new world. The process we go through to intentionally change things is called design. Design requires a little bit of engineering, a little bit of art, and a lot of imagination.

At some moments designing is intensely solitary. At other moments it can hardly be distinguished from play. Disneyland , which likes to think of itself as the world's playground, made up its own word to capture this seriously playful process -- "Imagineering. A magic place where all are included through design. You pass into the Magic Kingdom - Disneyland - and you are comfortable.

You feel included. In some unexpected way you are home. What you experience makes you surprised and delighted. You are a temporary citizen of a space and a culture that is A company that sells the temporary experience of participation as a citizen makes a profit and even grows? There is a secret here to be discovered. Disney wants to design the experience of surprising a customer by meeting, then surpassing, their expectations.

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That is delight and it is the secret to winning loyalty and its profits. What Disney shows us is something we call Destination Management or Destination Development in tourism. We take a destination and identify the experience it offers. Then we design it around the customers we desire. Let's watch a humorous video about an actual travel experience where all passengers did not receive the same level of care.

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When I showed this at a conference in Italy two weeks ago the disabled people in the audience commented, "This is how I feel I'm treated when I travel. Improved medicine meant that ever-greater numbers of veterans, and later citizens in general, survived life-threatening events and lived with chronic conditions.

Slowly a critical mass of people with disabilities, in different generations and life circumstances began to travel regularly.

Between the two World Wars, charity organizations targeting specific disabilities began to organize summer camps Pelka, , pp. For many children, including those affected by the polio epidemic, these provided a first experience of travel away from home. These facilities were segregated, although, ironically, that very segregation may have helped to foster a sense of disability identity or community so important to the later struggle for equal rights Heumann, Slowly, almost imperceptibly this group began to re-examine the world in light of their own experience.

They looked at it and measured it against their own bodies. To answer our first question of "What next?

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The guidelines address:. Body fit. Social integration. Keep in mind the longer definition of Universal Design:. Universal Design is a framework for the design of places, things, information, communication and policy to be usable by the widest range of people operating in the widest range of situations without special or separate design. Most simply, Universal Design is human-centered design of everything with everyone in mind. Universal Design imagines people with disability.

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It imagines them as users. It imagines them as customers. It imagines - and employs - them in all stages of the design process as experts on their own experience. The company is called Smart Design.

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They sell their products under the brand OXO:. Time minutes. The guidelines listed earlier were well illustrated in the OXO video. Specifically these are known as the Seven Goals of Universal Design:. The design is accommodating of a wide a range of body sizes and abilities - That's Body fit.

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The design keeps demands within desirable limits of body function and perception - That's Comfort. The design ensures that critical information for use is easily perceived - That's Awareness. The design makes methods of operation and use intuitive, clear and unambiguous - That's Understanding. The design treats all groups with dignity and respect - That's Social integration. The design incorporates opportunities for choice and the expression of individual preferences - That's Personalization.