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Syphilis was treated with injections of mercury, administered at a hospital over a day period, thereby guaranteeing escape from the frontline. The result was that some prostitutes with particularly bad STI infections could charge more. Every British army unit had a sexually transmitted disease clinic, where soldiers could gain an ointment consisting of mercury and chlorine to prevent STI infection, or receive a urethral irrigation with potassium permanganate after STI exposure.

The US Army attitude was different, driven by a reformist attitude at home. Baker said: [44].

[(Breaking Silence)] [ By (author) Jacob Sam-La Rose ] [April, 2012] by Jacob Sam-La Rose

Aided by the American Social Hygiene Organization, he closed so called segregated zones close to Army training camps, which included closing the notorious Storyville district in New Orleans. John Pershing to just say no: [44]. This was backed up by additional posters and pamphlets that read "You wouldn't use another fellow's tooth-brush, so why use his whore? US Army regulations required soldiers who admitted to having sex while on leave to submit to chemical prophylaxis, that included irrigating the penis.

Soldiers who did not report for prophylaxis and later contracted STIs were subject to court-martial and possibly a hard-labor sentence, while those who contracted disease after treatment only lost pay during treatment. However, on debarkation at the designated port of St. With the dispute escalating, President Georges Clemenceau sent a memo to Gen.

Pershing offering a compromise: American medical authorities would control designated brothels operated solely for American soldiers. Pershing passed the proposal to Raymond Fosdick, who gave it to Secretary Baker. Upon receiving it, Baker responded: "For God's sake, Raymond, don't show this to the president or he'll stop the war. But this merely highlighted US differential racial policy, as all black troops were required by US Army regulations to undertake prophylaxis when returning from leave, whether or not they acknowledged sexual contact.

During the German occupation , the Wehrmacht promoted and organised a system of prostitution to avoid problems caused by relationships with women carrying venereal diseases or abuse. Brothels were controlled and classified, some reserved for officers and the Gestapo , others for enlisted soldiers.

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Soldiers and prostitutes were regularly monitored to prevent problems. After liberation , US soldiers encouraged by the propaganda of the US military, including via his newspaper Stars and Stripes, engaged in an uncontrollable debauchery. Persuaded that the French are a people of depraved, the soldiers seek prostitutes and promotes prostitution. In some cities such as Le Havre , one of the places the US Army arrives in France, public places are filled with soldiers seeking a relationship or practising it in plain view.

French women also contributed to prostitution to support themselves. Poverty drives many girls to engage in it. Prostitution was out of control, the French authorities lack resources and the US military oscillates between an official regulation organising brothels near military camps, followed in prophylactic stations to limit venereal diseases [49] and an informal indifference which promotes the spread of venereal disease and lack of control of the soldiers. This difficult period led towards the prohibition of prostitution, especially towards the owners of brothels, who were accused of collaboration with the Nazi occupiers.

At the end of the Second World War , there were 1, officially recognised brothels in France, including in Paris. Although France was the country of origin of regulationism, there were frequent proposals for the abolition of brothels , , , and With public opinion against brothel owners due to accusations of collaboration during the German occupation, Marthe Richard revived the process in The law allowed brothels six months to close, the closure coming in to force on November 6, Although the law provided for reception and reeducation centres to help prostitutes to exit the industry, there was not enough budget allowed to set up the centres, so 40, "subjects" were found in the street.

A minority started work in factories or cafes. Freed from police supervision, prostitution multiplies: in , the lowest estimates were of 40, prostitutes in Paris the highest being 70, , while there are nearly clandestine brothels, a number which was increasing. However, the Loi Marthe Richard did not apply in the colonies, which is one of the reasons France did non sign the UN Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others until Active solicitation was also outlawed in the late s. She also calls for a tax on prostitution.

In June , after roundups, closures of love hotels , and repressions of all kinds by the police, prostitutes, who claimed to work without pimps, complained of not being able to exercise their profession. On June 2, , a hundred prostitutes from Lyon occupied the church Saint-Nizier in protest. This precipitated the occupation of other churches in Montpellier , Toulouse , Cannes , and the Chapel of Saint Bernard de Montparnasse in Paris on June 7, by over prostitutes who demand recognition of their rights. In the 21st century, the fight against pimps has grown and caused the closure of many brothels.

A law for internal security known as the Sarkozy law, whose article was aimed at soliciting and was promulgated on March 19, , provoking the appearance of a second movement of prostitutes in Since , the Pute Pride has been held every year in Paris as a pride march for sex workers. Some sex workers in France are not in favour of binding legislation such as brothels, which do not allow them to retain the choice of their customers, practices, schedules, prevention, etc. Sex workers, gathered in Assisi on 16 March , concluded unanimously that they will "march for the defence of our rights".

In November , prostitutes and their allies continued to protest the repression of soliciting by gathering before the Senate and protest for their rights.

Soliciting on the street became more and more repressed and dangerous. As a result some prostitutes started to establish contacts on the Internet in The sale of sexual acts means women's bodies are made available for men, independently of the wishes of those women. In October and November , French lawmakers began debating a proposal to punish customers of prostitution. Within the National Assembly, most of those who supported the bill were MPs from the Socialist Party , which dominates the house.

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