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The toils of Yoshitomo; a tragedy of ancient Japan. Sainsbury] Torahiko Kori.

Ragnar Axelsson: Last Days of the Arctic. Visa fler.

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Bloggat om boken. Yoshitomo Nara - Drawings kr.

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Sainsbury] Torahiko Kori kr. Recently, we have reported the discovery of a series of quinazolinecarboxamide based non-zinc-binding MMP selective inhibitors, as exemplified by compound 1. We then continued our research of a novel class of zinc-binding inhibitors to obtain follow-up compounds with different physicochemical, pharmacokinetic, and biological activity profiles.


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In order to design selective MMP inhibitors, we adopted a strategy of connecting a zinc-binding group with the quinazolinecarboxamide system, a unique S1' binder, by an appropriate linker. In this article, the design, synthesis, and biological activity of novel zinc-binding MMP inhibitors are described.

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Protein Interactions. Protein Families. Reading Gerald Durrell: How a boy on an idyllic Greek island inspired generations of nature-lovers, readers.

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