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They will never again be forgotten. With Give Me Tomorrow, he applies his well-seasoned skills to a brutal, Thermopylae-like battle from the Korean War—a battle that tested the upper limits of heroism and the outer limits of human endurance. It tells you who they were and how they prevailed.

O'Donnell Da Capo Press, , pp. Patrick K. O'Donnell is a military historian and the author of six previous books: Beyond Valor, bestseller and winner of the prestigious William E. He is an expert on WWII espionage, special operations, and counterinsurgency on the modern battlefield. O'Donnell is also the founder of the Drop Zone, an award-winning online oral history Web site. In Give Me Tomorrow , he turns his attention to the Korean War and brings the story of the George Company Marines to life in a way that will keep you turning pages.

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I highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to understand something of the realities of combat. He he has captured a mosaic of individual experiences that paint a realistic picture of the hard fighting and extreme conditions these heroic men endured.

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Marines and Sailors fight for their shipmates on their flanks, and this outnumbered Marine company played a crucial role in the success of the breakout. George Company faced impossible odds in each of the battles it participated in starting with the Inchon landing. The men faced complex enemy situations including ambushes, roadblocks, snipers, and tanks during their missions.

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Crafting a lucid narrative from all this was no easy task and O'Donnell's greatest strength is his ability to do just that. Give Me Tomorrow would benefit from the addition of more official sources such as Battalion logs or after-action reports, but nevertheless, the book is a testament to the resolve and bravery of the young men who faced immense hardship and personal loss in the harshest of places. It was an honor to meet these heroes in person and witness the powerful bonds forged between them in battle.

They taught me as much about leadership and comradeship in a few short days as I had learned in fifteen years in the Army and two combat tours in Iraq.

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I remain humbled by these men and can only hope that my generation of Soldiers and Marines earns their respect. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Great story about true American heroes! Band of Brothers, for example, has close combat but not day after day, hour after hour of encounters with the enemy under metres away.

In Canada the Korean vets were not treated well when they returned home. The injustice of this was thrown at me when I read how the front line troops major goal was just to survive until tomorrow. Bravo Patrick Donnelly for reminding us of how fierce the Korean War-especially the retreat was.

I also know now why Truman sacked Douglas McArthur.

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That general was a legend in his own mind and many Marines lost their lives because he would not recognize or react to reality. Swing Easy Anonymous More than 1 year ago Read this book to help me understand a war that I was never taught about in school. Hard now to forget! Anonymous More than 1 year ago. I really was taken in by this book. Read it in record time.

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Really enjoyed this and have read it twice more. Guest More than 1 year ago Very good and informative. Guest More than 1 year ago Nice addition to my library. Guest More than 1 year ago Very entertaining take on a little known war. Guest More than 1 year ago This was a gift for my husband. Related Searches. In the tradition of his Silent Night and Pearl Harbor Christmas, historian Stanley Weintraub presents another gripping narrative of a wartime Christmas season—the epic story of the holiday season in Korea, when American troops faced extreme cold, a determined View Product.

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Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War's Greatest Untold Story by Patrick K. O'Donnell

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